Wedding Series: How We Met

A man and woman standing close together, next to a Christmas tree inside a home. Wedding series.
Christmas 2013 (dating for 5 months)

Summer of 2013

Chris and I met at work in the summer of 2013. He was a PhD candidate, I was finishing up my Psychology and Criminology BA degrees. I had been at my part-time job for a year and a half and enjoyed it. When he first walked in and was introduced to everyone by our boss, I thought he was cute but I wasn’t really interested. (especially since he was wearing a UF shirt and at the time, I was NOT a fan- how could he wear that shirt while we were at a different university!?) We were cordial and made some small talk initially, but nothing exciting happened right away. 

A Later Start

In the coming weeks, we ate lunch together with some work friends, we spoke briefly here and there, and I got invited to his 4th of July party. (I didn’t go- I had a friend in town and Chris and I were still getting to know each other so I didn’t want to rush things. I was unsure about what direction we were going to go… plus there were a few other things going on)


So, like all modern love stories, I requested to be his friend on Facebook. (side note: I learned later that he was with some friends out of town when I requested him and it led to a whole conversation about whether or not he should pursue me, etc. Glad he ended up doing it 😉 (shout out to Ralph!) I think I was also with some friends at the Cheesecake Factory when I ended up friending him, so that was a bit of a coincidence.

The Next Town Over

I remember looking at his schedule in the office (everyone had their schedule up in one place with their phone numbers) and when I saw that his number had the same area code as mine, I got excited- we had to be from a similar place! 813 is the typical Tampa Bay area code, so we were the only two that had different ones and they happened to be the same. I think this is what spurred me to add him on Facebook to investigate. It turns out, we’re from neighboring towns but we had never met before. He’s 5 1/2 years older than me, so it makes sense- we were never really in the same place at the same time. 

Our First Date

Once we started messaging on Facebook, it led to texting, which led to our first date at Dunderbaks in Tampa- incredible German food, and a wide selection of craft beer! As we were texting and he asked me out, I was still a little unsure about dating him- he was cute and interesting to text and flirt with at work, but I was still only 20. I didn’t know if I wanted anything serious.

The date went great, and we ended the night with talking in his car for hours after we parked. After that, things started progressing, and I was invited to go camping with him. The occasion was his friend’s birthday- actually, an ex… awkward. (they didn’t date for long and it was definitely a mutual breakup months prior… but still!) So, despite many bumps that weekend, the trip was fun in the end (and the drive back is where we decided to make our relationship “official”). 😍

The Present

Nearly 6 years later, we’ve been married for 1.5 years, bought a house together, and have two beautiful dogs.

I’m always curious to find out how couples met and what their situation was like. The couples who may’ve dated or liked each other when they were young, then years later ended up together are the stories that get me the most- definitely meant to be! So… how did you and your significant other meet? Or how did your parents meet? (Mine met at a party on a boat in Tahiti!) 

This December will mark 2 years of marriage, but I wanted to document it on the blog and share our journey… so I’ll be doing a wedding series! This is the first installment. We are taking a late honeymoon, so that will be one of the last posts- in early 2020. (our trip is booked for this December- I’ll reveal more when it gets closer!) Let me know if there is anything you want to know about and I’ll try to incorporate it into one of the series posts!

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