Amazon Summer Wishlist- 9 Things You Can Add to Yours

Here are a few items I’ve been wanting for myself, for the classroom, and for the home. Let me know if you’ve gotten any of these items, or what’s on your own wishlist this summer! I’ve noticed that Amazon has been stepping up their game, especially with clothes, and I love it.

I’ve elected to not work this season because I was so extremely burnt out from last summer and this past school year. While both cases are a story for another time, I’m trying to pinch pennies further since I’m not bringing in that extra income. So that being said, these items will be staying on my wishlist for a while!


Short sleeve floral maxi, $23, is PERFECT for business casual. I love that it has short sleeves so a coverup isn’t needed, and it looks polished without much effort. I always love a great floral print.

Striped sleeveless dress, $24, is perfect for summer outings, but can easily transition into the classroom with a cute cardigan and heels. (or lets be real, flats or dressy sandals)

Leaf print bikini, $25, is SO cute. I will be the first to admit that I’m not a beach or water fanatic. However, I CAN get behind the trend of ridiculously amazing bathing suits I’ve been seeing around the internet. The cuts, styles, and prints make me want to buy all.of.them.


What Should Danny Do? School Day, $22, is the second book in the Power to Choose series. I have the original, and I love it, and my previous classes have loved it too! They really enjoy making the decisions for Danny to see what his consequences would be.

The Storex Classroom Caddies (6), $21.50, are one of the most used items in my classroom. I’ve tried dollar store versions with holes (no bueno), and have been handed down a few for the classroom. The ones that were handed down were chipped, but functional. I used them for two to three years before I just had to toss them because they were almost torn in half. I can imagine that overall, they probably lasted a good five years or more- definitely worth it.

Comb Punch Binding Machine, $40, is something I’m on the fence about. I don’t want to have to take my class books to Staples or Office Max every time I want something bound. And, my school does not having a binding machine (that I know of- it’s something I’ll definitely check on before purchasing). However, just like a personal laminator (I have this one and it’s held up for 4 years so far), it’s always super convenient to have one at home.


Char-Broil Grill, $83, is on the list because it’s summer! We haven’t had a grill in a few years since Chris’ broke and it just hasn’t been a top spending priority. I’d love to have a fourth of July party, and this is a necessity. We’ll see 🙂

Rustic Wood Light Fixture, $229, is much needed. We don’t have a light over our dining room table so even though the living room light is nearby, it doesn’t shed nearly enough light for games and dinners with friends. Hopefully we can have this installed within the next year!

Fridge Organizer Bins (4), $21, have been a want for a long time. I LOVE looking at refrigerator pictures on instagram when they’re organized with these bins. It makes me so happy! One day 🙂

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