Six different photos are features. One with five best friends posing and smiling, another has a bridal picture, two cuddling dogs, a tandem skydiving photo, winter picture with a girl in a beanie, and a picture of a couple with boats in the background.

Hi! I was forever the ‘shy kid,’ but would open up (maybe too much) once you got to know me. Since starting my business, I’ve grown out of my shell quite a bit, and I love it. Don’t get me wrong- it’s still t-e-r-r-i-f-y-i-n-g putting myself out there, BUT, here I am, full Mika. I’ll feature food, crafts, teaching, life, and style.

I have ALWAYS wanted to blog (mostly since binge-blog-reading various authors YEARS ago, namely Elise Blaha Cripe). My first creation was Oshiro Designs, written while I was in college. Starting a full-time teaching career, getting engaged then married, taking care of two pups, and buying a home, it’s regrettably taken a backseat. The passion for maintaining one has never left me, so my permanent home is now Polished in 10. (welcome ♥)

I am a full-time 1st grade teacher in Florida and own my Color Street business. Some of my favorites… my husband, Chris, our two beautiful rescues Shadow and Nara, Mexican and Japanese food, New England, TV shows, board games, The Patriots, and, friends and family.

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