7 Ways to Avoid the Week Ahead Sunday Dread

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I am much too familiar with that Sunday night dread where you want the weekend to last forever (or just one more day). Aren’t all teachers, and most other professions? Here are a few strategies to help combat that depressing feeling.

Make sure you have a plan for the week

Be it lesson plans or work goals, you need to have a game plan in mind of what you’re in for and at least a basic idea of how you’ll tackle it. You can review lesson plans and gather necessary materials, or make a to-do list for the work week- that way, come Monday, you’re prepared to tackle tough jobs and work more efficiently.

Focus on the good things happening this week

Either at work, or when you get home. (Or if there’s nothing, make something happen! A fun girl’s night out on Thursday, an exciting work project, basic time to unwind at home, etc.) Help make your summer enjoyable with these tips! Build in some things that you look forward to at work to make it a better experience. It could be a whole office thing, like organizing pot lucks and socials, or built-in mini breaks where you can watch a short video or get up and stretch.

Prep everything for the week

Make sure lunches are packed (or money/checks are ready), outfits are fully laid out, pay your bills (or do anything you can do now to take stress off the upcoming week), or tidy up the house (clear space, clear mind- oftentimes). Even spending 10-15 minutes clearing clutter from the kitchen or other main living spaces can be very beneficial.

Do something to unwind

Read a book, take a bubble bath, drink some tea, watch your favorite show, do yoga, exercise, work on your hobby- anything that will make you happier and/or relaxed. You could even take this time (maybe an hour or two) right before bed to really help ease the Sunday blues.

Pamper Yourself

This may seem a little odd, but doing something as simple as painting your nails (or applying Color Street) can make the week seem less daunting. Looking/feeling your best can give you a needed boost. I know many women who feel this way when their nails are freshly done 🙂

Request a Color Street sample to try or order a set (take advantage of the buy 3, get 1 free deal). Putting on Color Street is my new form of self care. It really brightens my week to know that I look more polished and put-together with WAY less effort and mess than traditional nail polish. (even though it’s 100% real nail polish- just 95% dry into strips!) Check out my instagram for pictures!


Not only will it help clear your mind, you’ll feel better physically and mentally. It’ll help you sleep better at night, too. Even 20 minutes of exercise is super beneficial. Find something that you like to do to make it easier for you to tackle. Find pockets of time to do some crunches or run in place (like commercial breaks).

Write 3 positive things

Maybe you’re excited about date night ahead, thankful that you have a career and/or your health, etc. This doesn’t have to just be about the upcoming week- it can be positive thoughts in general. Let this be a brain dump too- make a whole list of positive things about your life in general. Take the time to be positive and thankful and your mind will be more at ease. 

​Do you have any other tips that you’ve found helpful to look forward to the week instead of dread it?

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