10 Things You Need to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

Summer bucket list with 20 items: visit the springs, host friends, go to the library, make something from pinterest, farmer's market/event, try a new restaurant, start a challenge, visit a new place, prep for 19-20 school year, read 5 books, finish a puzzle, organize my office, go parasailing, play a video game, drive-in movie, wine tour and tasting, 48 hour electronics detox, make homemade popsicles, create a playlist, wear bright lipstick.
My Summer 2019 Bucket List

Need help deciding what to add to your summer bucket list? Look no further. No matter where you are, you should be able to cross of most of these top summer items.

Complete a Challenge

(Or at least start one!) If you’re like me, challenges are motivating. There are so many to choose from (that’s a good and bad thing!). There are weight loss challenges (like DietBet, Step Challenges, Strong Body Summer Challenge, etc.), creative challenges (like The 100 Day Project, A Week in the Life, NaNoWriMo, etc.), and others that may not fit into one category, (like the Day Zero Project (home of 101 in 1001, 52 Things in 52 Weeks, and 30 Things By 30), 24in48, and the Pantry Challenge.) Or simply, download a summer bucket list and focus on that! (link at the bottom of this post)

I am currently working on writing my 101 in 1001 list, Summer 2019 Bucket List, and want to get into some others, like the Pantry Challenge and 24in48. Basically, I want to try all of them. 🙈

Hit up the Library

Going to the library makes me giddy. Does anyone else get that feeling? Hunting for a new book and then walking out with a few that look super interesting always makes me happy. I often forget about going to the library, but it is such a great resource and amazing if you have kids. Usually you can find a ton of summer programs (for kids AND adults!), plus many of them have a used bookstore with great prices, computers/printers to use, clubs, etc. Reading can be magical.

Something from your Pinterest Board

I don’t know about you, but I’m always pinning to my boards, and hardly ever putting anything into fruition. Whether you pin meals, crafts, fashion, or home decor- choose something and go for it. We all get bored of routines or having/seeing the same thing over and over. Save money by mixing up your wardrobe via style inspiration, finally make that cute sign/pillow/whatever from your board, and try some new recipes (dinner AND dessert!). Check out some ideas I have pinned here.

Host at Your Place

It can be a party, board game night, book club, wine and cheese, doggie play date, potluck brunch- whatever you’re into. The gathering can be as big or as small as you want, informal or formal. I want to do a 4th of July cookout at our house and/or a Color Street party. Summer is a great time to reconnect with new and old friends, or have some family over for a nice meal.

State Parks/National Parks

Destinations you’d never thought would be a park, actually are. Or places you’ve never even heard of are part of this protective land. I think it’s an incredible day trip to visit a park near you- or to make a weekend getaway from visiting a few in the area you choose. Oftentimes, dogs are allowed, so instead of a dog park, do a “dog play date” with another friend who has a pup or with your significant other. Bring a lunch and do a full-scale picnic. Walk the trails looking for different animals and creatures. National and state parks are really good about having options for things to do.

Farmer’s Markets/Small Events

Take a look on Facebook or do a google search for some different markets or small events this summer. Try a city near you that you never go to or have never been to and make a morning out of it. Chris and I love to do brunch, then explore. We spent an amazing morning in Dunedin, FL: we had breakfast, walked through a small outdoor pop up market, then grabbed beer at a craft brewery in the city. Even if you quickly go to the market and come back, sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house for an hour.

Hot Springs

There are hot springs all over the US (and world!)- google the closest one to where you live- you might be surprised at how close it is. Visiting the springs is sort of like going to the beach, but so much cooler! There are typically a ton of things to do- rafting, scuba diving, camping, exploring trails, and more. Your locations might offer more to do. Some of my best memories are going to the springs for a few days with friends- rafting, camping, and enjoying time to disconnect.

Hidden Gems Near You

I’m always surprised at how much my area has to offer. If you’re willing to travel a few hours, there’s so many new things you could be trying out! Even if your radius is only 30 minutes, you may still be able to find some new activities or places. There are a few little-known beaches in my area that I’ve still never seen, and even more great finds across the state. You can also ask for some friend recommendations by reaching out or getting on social media and asking friends/followers for some favorite places to visit.


I know, I know- it’s hot af. But hear me out- camping does NOT mean you have to rough it out in the middle of nowhere for 3 days. Camping could mean a night out under the stars in your backyard. It could be a 30 minute drive where you bring fans, a generator, and you only half-rough it. I think the point here is to spend more time with nature- even if it’s only for one night with a group of friends. I’m imagining s’mores, card games, and late night laughs.

Amusement/Theme Park

We live in Florida, so there are no shortages of those. My top recommendation would be Epcot- that is my absolute favorite park to visit. They have 11 countries to “visit,” with incredible food and many things to do and look at at each stop. There are plenty of picture-worthy spots, if you wanted to document your stop in each country. If you’re adventurous, drink around the world! Have a beer or drink in each country.

There’s also Harry Potter World- something I definitely urge you to check out if you’re a fan like myself! Trying butterbeer and dressing up is encouraged.

Last Thoughts

I tried to procure a mix of inside and outside activities because I know we’re not all outdoorsy, and/or it’s too stinkin’ hot to be outside every day during the summer! Check out some things I did in previous summers: De Soto National Memorial, and Skydiving.

Which one of these items are you going to add to YOUR bucket list? Create yours, photograph it, and tag me @oshirodesigns on IG- I’d love to see!

Adorable printable summer bucket list from Little House on the Circle.

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